Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks


Victory travels in Louis Vuitton: for over three decades, the Maison has been synonymous with unparalleled athletic excellence, creating custom cases for some of the most recognizable trophies in the world. Continuing Louis Vuitton’s 160-year association with legends of all stripes — royalty and writers, explorers and actors — these cases house awards for the winners of the ultimate iconic international sporting events. The heritage of Louis Vuitton is a singular story of legendary achievements and skill, a legacy shared with the masters of sports — the sailors and gamers, tennis players and football stars, rugby heroes and basketball Hall of Famers, who, like Vuitton, have defined the art of memory making. Every time a Louis Vuitton trophy case is opened, it is an event that transcends space and time. Beyond the cheers from the spectators filling the monolithic stadiums, the blindingly bright lights, the sweat, the tears, the smiles, in that moment of victory the clock stops as the anticipation builds. Showcased in Louis Vuitton Epi leather or Monogram Canvas, Damier Graphite or something completely one-of-a-kind, the silvers and golds of these coveted prizes sparkle as they are revealed to the finest athletes history has ever known.

Širina 30 cm
Visina 38.8 cm
19.490 RSD
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