Private: Giancarlo Giametti


This beautiful collector’s volume features in-depth interviews, collections from his journals, and a curated selection of exclusive personal pictures. “Not many people know that I have been taking pictures almost all my life,” says Giammetti. “I had amassed more than 50,000 images. Reviewing them all [for this book] reminded me that Valentino and I have lived through an amazing series of events and fashion moments, and that we have met thousands of interesting people.” This autobiography comes on the heels of the 2008 documentary “Valentino: The Last Emperor.” After working alongside the famed Valentino for nearly 45 years, the film drew public attention to Giammetti, usually shy to the limelight, for the first time as cameras followed the pair preparing for an epic 3-day celebration in Rome. This film, which achieved critical and commercial success, emerged not as a story of a fashion house or an event, but as a touching tale of friendship and lifelong dedication, attracting global interest in this dichotomous duo.

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